February 3, 2014

Late Baby

Late Baby

"He's late, he's late, he's late!"

Kai is officially 4 days past his estimated due date, estimated being the key word here. I'm over being pregnant there I said it, I want to be a mom. Dave and I have waited three years to meet our baby and now I'm dealing with the most stubborn kid ever. Never mind the fact that I am stubborn it's irrelevant. 

Last week at my appointment my doctor stated that Kai was -3 station which threw me for a loop, because he was just -2 two weeks before. I knew my son was sitting high but I didn't think he was that high up. My doctor expressed her concerned for his station by dropping the lovely c-section bomb. "Maybe there is a medical reason as to why he is so high up and if that is the case we may need to c-section him out." The horror of that sentence must have shown on my face as she quickly stated that a c-section wasn't a definite but she did want to let me know the what ifs. So what have I spent the last few days doing???? Trying to have a baby that's what. I have tried all of the following and still Kai has not shown his cute chubby little face...

  • Sex 
  • Waking 2 miles each day instead of 1
  • Nipple stimulation 
  • Squatting
  • Drinking 2-3 cups of red raspberry tea
  • Taking EPO orally and vaginally
  • Bouncing/rolling on the ball hourly
  • Spinning baby methods 
I honestly don't know what else to do. I have a BPP/NST ultrasound appointment later on today. The biophysical profile looks to see if Kai is moving appropriately. Whereas the non stress test looks to see if his amniotic fluid levels are good. I must admit I am getting nervous, because I know these test can derail my natural birth plan that I had my heart set on. I know that a natural birth is not THAT important in the grand scheme of things, I mean having a healthy baby in my arms is what my end goal is. I will update later on as to what my doctor decides in regards to my appointment today.

January 26, 2014

Birth Plan

Birth Plan

I have a birth plan. A plan that I would love to see executed the day my little one comes into the world. In my Bradley Class our instructor talked about the importance of having our wishes/desires written down on paper, however I saw it as homework and tried hard to get out of doing it. Don't get me wrong I want a drug free birth and the extensive planner in me wants a perfect birth. I just don't want to have to think about the day in and of its self, because lets face it plan or no plan I can't control what goes on the day Kai arrives. So after reading several examples online I began to type out the plan I wanted implemented the day I would meet the baby I have waited three years to meet. Here is the plan I have for Kai's Birth...

To: Caregivers at (insert hospital name)
We are very pleased with our choice of Dr. Timmins and (insert hospital name) for our upcoming birth.
We are well-prepared and educated and have done everything we can to stay healthy and low risk during this pregnancy. We are looking forward to a beautiful, natural birth and would appreciate all of the kind, encouraging care that you can provide.
Since this is a very special event in our lives. We have some preferences that may be different than your standard routine. We respectfully request that you consider our wishes as outlined below in the course of a normal labor and delivery thank you in advance for any and all assistance you can provide us with during our stay. We would appreciate if you:
·         Don’t offer us any pain medication we will let you know if we need it.
·         Allow only Mom, Dad, and Doula present during labor and during delivery. Anyone else should be directed to the waiting room.
·         Would use a heparin lock for IV so that mother can still move around and walk as needed during labor.
·         Would only give updates on dilation progression to Dad and Doula as the mother would like to focus on laboring and progressing.
·         Allow freedom of movement both in and out of the bathtub or shower, and walking in and outside of our room during labor.
·          Permit various ways of pushing when the time comes (Hands and Knees or Lying Sideways position) Dad and Doula may hold mothers legs during pushing. (please no stirrups)
·         Place baby directly on mother’s chest for bonding and breastfeeding after birth.
·         Delayed cord clamping and have dad cut the cord after it stops pulsing.
·         Allowed for Placenta to be taken home after birth.
·         Could make sure no bottles, pacifiers, or formula are given to our son without our consent as we will be attempting to exclusively breastfeed.

These are our preferences in the case of an uncomplicated labor. If a complication (medical emergency) does arise, we will, of course, do whatever is necessary to keep mother and baby safe.

January 16, 2014

Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag

One thing I have not looked forward to doing since I became pregnant is packing my hospital bag, to me it's so final and it being packed makes me feel as if Kai will come soon. I know that may sound weird but it has been overwhelming  to think about getting Kai's, Dave, and my things together. I have had many sleepless nights dreaming about labor starting and having nothing packed and ready to go. I have even had crying fits over all the  items I need to pack and gather into the bags. Of course my husband doesn't understand why I am acting so strange and feels that I am working myself into a fit for nothing. He will never fully understand how my mind works and how I need things to be DONE.

It is nice to say that our bags are just about packed and I only need a few last minute items to complete this task.
  • Nursing tops ordered from H&M
  • Photo card for new camera hubby brought for me this Christmas
  • A robe
  • Going Home outfit for me (looking for a cute sweatsuit)
My hospital bag was purchased from Urban Outfitters in 2013 and is a doctor bag, I no longer see it on their website. However I adore this bag so much I have it in two colors (beige & black).

What am I bringing to the hospital for me:
  • Maternity jeans and shirt to go home in
  • Robe
  • Shower Flip Flops
  • Sports bra (laboring in tub)
  • Ace Velcro Bandage (Postpartum)
  • 2 pillows  
  • 2 nursing tops
  • 2 pajama sets (button top and matching bottoms)
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries (Dave and myself)
  • Heating Pad
  • Hair ties
  • Chapstick
  • Camera 
  • Kindle book
  • Ziplock bags (wet or soiled items)
  • Baby gift bags (for packing all of my freebie hospital goodies away)
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Medela Breast Pump (So I can get help form the lactation consultant on how to use)
My Timi and Leslie Charlie diaper bag is the bag I packed for Kai. It's a pretty large and stylish diaper bag and I have secretly wanted one since I started TTC 3 yrs and spotted Jessica Alba with it. I placed it on my baby registry and was presently surprised that my uncle and hid wife purchased it for me. I love it, the picture below does it no justice so if you have the time google "Charlie Disper Bag." I think this bag will be perfect for cloth diapering which is what we're doing, because it is so large.

What I am bringing to the hospital for Kai:
  • Aden & Anais swaddling blankets

January 15, 2014

Maternity Pictures

Maternity Pictures

I am a terrible person <gasp> I waited until the very last minute to schedule and take my maternity pictures. To be honest as I got bigger and bigger and the weeks kept climbing I was debating whether or not to even take pictures. I kept going back and forth and Dave was just as bad as I was about "caring" about such mundane things. In the end I am really glad that I went ahead and scheduled the shoot as our pictures turned out fabulous.

I chose to use the same photographer my sorority sisters and I used to take our 10 year AKAversarry pictures Daniel T. Davis Photography in Houston, TX. I One of my biggest fears was the weather, January maternity pictures just didn't appeal to me and I figured they would turn out blah. However, Sunday Jan 12th was the perfect day to take pictures as the weather really cooperated with us and it was not too cold or windy. Even though I am 37 weeks in the pictures, I will go ahead and toot my own horn by saying that I look really good to be so far along in my pregnancy. I remember various women, Dave's mom and mine, saying how my nose would spread and how I would be enormous (which is the perfect thing to say to a pregnant woman).

The location of Herman Park was chosen by Dave and if I do say so myself it was a really lovely location.

January 2, 2014

Belly Cast DONE!

Belly Cast DONE!

My mom and I finally got around to making my belly cast last night and I think it turned out great. I wanted something tangible to commemorate my pregnancy and the birth of my son and I am so glad I came across belly casting on Pinterest. Overall it did not take very long to do, around 45min start to finish. My mom and I had a hard time keeping the linen strips straight and not knotted together, but once you get into the groove things got smoother for us. I got my belly casting kit from Zulily for $15 but it can be purchased at Amazon as well. I will post pictures after I paint it, but for now here is a look at my cast. I must say it is pretty amazing to see what everyone else sees when they look at me.

Linen Strips and Warm Water
Finished Product!!
My Mom and helper

December 21, 2013

Bradley Birth 12 Week Course Review

Bradley Birth 12 Week Course Review

I thought it would be great if I blogged about the birthing class we chose to take and how we plan to birth in the next few weeks. Dave and I attended a 12 week birthing couse called the Bradley Method. I am proud to say that we never missed a class and that as the weeks came and went we really felt more prepared for Kai's arrival.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bradley Method here is a quick overview. As I mentioned earlier it is a 12 week course that emphasis the role of the dad as a birth coach. I chose this course, because I really wanted Dave to be apart of the birthing experience, I didn't want him to feel as if I was having a baby when it should be WE are having a baby. I searched all over Houston for an instructor that would fit our schedule, we wanted Saturday mid-day lessons, and who was relatively close as Houston is a large city. Well it really wasn't a difficult decision after I ran across Total Natural Childbirth: Bradley Method website through a Google search. Johanna was our instructor and the course content was great. Lots of people often complain that their instructor was boring or that they felt they were being lectured, but that was not the experience I had with Johanna. I thought she had many real-life stories that added to our class and as a mother of 5 she had so many tips and tricks first time moms like me need to hear. Our class consisted of 7 couples all FTMs with the exception of one and all at various weeks in pregnancy. In class we learned proper food & nutrition, relaxation techniques, exercises that can help during labor, and several birthing positions. However, I must mention that if there is one thing I would change it would be the outdated Bradley Videos, I understand that natural birthing hasn't changed in the general sense but can we get a video that was made in this decade. I mean really the babies being born in the Bradley videos must be grandparents themselves now.

Here is the actual outline of course content week-by-week:

  • Class 1. Introduction to The Bradley Method
  • Class 2. Nutrition in Pregnancy 
  • Class 3. Pregnancy, Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
  • Class 4. The Coach's Role 
  • Class 5. Introduction to First Stage Labor 
  • Class 6. Introduction to Second Stage Labor 
  • Class 7. Planning Your Birth 
  • Class 8. Variations and Complications / Postpartum Preparation 
  • Class 9. Advanced First Stage Techniques 
  • Class 10. Advanced Second Stage Techniques 
  • Class 11. Being a Great Coach / Are You Ready? 
  • Class 12. Preparing for Your New Family 

Overall I loved my class and the experience I had. I would highly recommend taking a natural birth class if your desire is to have a natural birth.

December 3, 2013

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts: My Book Theme Baby Shower

Sister and Cousin Please excuse background it was time to clean up

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts: My Book Theme Baby Shower

As a stated in a previous post I had my shower on November 9, 2013 and both my mother and sister were hosting the event. My sister doesn't live in my city anymore and therefore most of the planning took place by phone and email, which lead to loots of frustration and tears on my part. In my family, especially on my mothers side, there is a running joke that I may be just a tad too boogie (high class) for my own good. My sister constantly wants to remind that my champagne taste don't go with my beer budget.  So long story short we had many fights over what I wanted for my shower. 
The theme of the shower was a Co-ed Children's Book theme and thanks to Pinterest I had so many ideas, maybe too many, for my hostesses to execute. Below are a few pictures from the event. We had family travel from ear and far and all in all I think the shower was great. We didn't start on time, which was a huge problem for me. However, many of  my guests were super late so I guess it all worked out. My sister also decided to use the tinniest voice in her hosting duties and the teacher in me had me jumping up to assist a lot more than I probably should have. Yes I probably ran many of the shower games, oh well. Overall I believe my shower was a success I had family and friends come from all over the US to spend the day with us, Dave sister even flew in from Canada. We had lots of great food, that I didn't get to eat at the shower because I was so busy. We also received a lot of great gifts and books for Kai, surprisingly no duplicates.  Here are a few pictures from the event.

Little guest

Give a Mouse a Cookie display

Gifts Kai is so loved

Where the wild things are table display

The Hubby and I with his parents

My baby brother and I outside the event

Mommy, Me, and my sister, they hosted the event

Cousin Jessica and I 

Me making a onsie for Kai

One of the many shirts guest made at the shower

Opening gifts